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Farana Chery| Astrid Hernandez| 223| December 1, 2016| John D. O'bryant

As young children Farana and I, Astrid Hernandez, have been in love with the moon. We fell in love with the wonders it has to offer. We studied every accepect of it as we can, Starting from the history of the moon. With the theory that a giant object collided with the Earth and later the debris of the collision formed into the moon. To become our dream as a NASA astronaut, we needed to either have a minumum of a bachelor's degree in engineering, biological science, physical science or mathematics. This meant alot of studying!

"Man Farana, I can't believe that the chief didn't assign us to the mission to the moon!", Astrid sighed. Astrid was looking foward for the trip for months, to soon find out she wasn't going. As she turned to Farana she was able to see that she wasn't upset like she was. "Why aren't you sad?, We've been dreaming about this for years." With a smirk Farana turnded to Astrid and said,"I have a way to go to the moon, but you won't like it." Astrid didn't like to break the rules but for her dream to come true she would do anything. With a grin Farana ran to the bus stop next to the building. "Farana we have cars we don't need to go on public transportation", said astrid with a roll of eyes. "Shhhh, and get on" When Astrid got on she was starstruck. With beautiful space suits they practiced with, in training, tons of them were visable. They trained for months until they knew they were ready to blast off. In their Bus Ship Farana had been working on they checked on the fuel and gas. They want to make sure everything is ready so there are no malfuncations. "Alright so we have a full tank of gas and know that we can go twenty-five thousand miles per hour on fuel," Astrid said. "Lets put on our spacesuits now! I want to go!" Farana said eagerly. We packed air-dry food,water(since there isn't any on the moon), first aid kits, extra clothes, and bed nessitiess.

"Wow this space bus is beautful, My dreams have finally became true! I'm Going to the moon!", said Astrid. "How did you afford all of this? It must've cost a fortune." "I know people in the facality and they loaned everything to me for a low price!, In all, it only cost about $100,000,000", said Farana. Finally when they got all packed up they were ready to go. It took them 3 days to get on the moon, containg the starstuck eyes of Astrid. They loved to see stars and the big ball of light that lights their Solar System. Once they landed it was chaos. Astrid and Farana didn't know how to control the change in Gravity. "Remember what we learned in traing", yelled Farana. "I know, I just didn't expect this." screamed Astrid. Once adjusted they roamed the surface. They were able to find maria, craters, and highlands. They saw the Calvius Crater and the Copernicus crater, these were some of the craters they studied in the facality. Maria are the dark spots on the moon, craters are the large bowl shaped cavities on the moon, and highlands are the surface of the moon that is higher. "Man, I wish I could live here", yelled Astrid. Astrid said this even though she knew she could never live on Earth because there was no way a human can survive in conditions where there is no water or atmosphere. They also got to experience the orbit of the moon around the Earth. It's orbit is called the elliptical orbit. It takes the moon about 27 days to orbit around the Earth, as they learned in science class.

As they learned in Nasa, craters were caused by they impact of meteroids on the moons surface. Studies have also shown that comets could have been the main affector of craters, while astroids also caused craters. They also saw rilles, which gives evidence that there might have been water on the moon. They also noticed that temperatures varied on the moon. It was really hot one minute and freezing the next. This is all because of the moon's Atmosphere. The moon has no atmosphere causing gases to escape and not protect the moon. Which is also the reason why there are many craters on the moon. The atmosphere does not protect the moon from meteroids, comets and craters. The Lunar Regolith is the material that covers the surface of the Moon. The lunar regolith on the moon is made of the impacts of meteroids on the moon, it's also called "lunar soil". Farana and Astrid have seen samples of this in their labs. Finally their dream came true and with a Goodbye to thier favorite place in the universe, they left the moon.


When they finally landed on Earth they were uncotrolablly happy, it was their dream after all. It was something they thought about as the years past and more modern technology came to be. The moon was full of wonders that they wanted more to be apart of even though they got thier dream they wanted something more, so for next time they'll know even more of the moon! Their journey was something beautiful to be a part of and as they grew old the moon was something they past down to their children. They learned a lot during that trip and that was what really mattered.

Phases of the Moon

The moons phases are caused by the sunlight illuminating the Moon as the Moon revolves around the Earth. The Moon has eight phases.

  • The New Moon is the Phase in which the moon is facing away from Earth.
  • This phase is the Waxing Crecent, It is when the moon is rotating and is approaching the First Quarter.
  • First Quarter: This is when the moon is Approximate half of the moon.
  • Waxing Gibbous: This is the stage where the moon is almoust a full moon.
  • Full Moon: This is the phase where the moon is fully illuminated by sunlight. Sometimes during this phase lunar eclipses occur.
  • Wanning Gibbous: This is when the moon is approaching the Third Quarter.
  • Third Quarter: Half of the moon is lit, the dark side is on the right.
  • Wanning Crecent: The moon is almost a New Moon
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